Can’t connect to site via FTP (firewall issue)

I use Adobe Dreamweaver & GoDaddy. I signed up for Cloudflare and switched my nameservers, but now Dreamweaver cannot connect to my site via FTP. Keep getting error message that it “can’t access FTP data," "not authorized or a firewall is blocking.” Can’t find info on how to get around, or whitelist myself? Help please!

Cloudflare does not handle FTP traffic. You can create a new DNS record pointing at your FTP server, ensuring the record is set to DNS Only :grey:. Alternatively, configure your FTP client to use the IP address of the origin.

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Thank you Michael. I’m relatively new to all of this, so I’ve been googling “create new dns record” and I’m not finding anything - and Cloudflare support has not been helping either. Any chance you could tell me how to do this? I’m using a mac. Thank you!

On the DNS page here, you have at least one “A” record with an IP address, and it’s set to :orange: Proxied.

You need to +Add Record at the top (It will default to an “A” record) and give it a name, like adobedw (just to hide the IP address a bit), and put the same IP address as the others. Make sure it’s toggled to :grey: instead of :orange:. Then set Dreamweaver to connect to (your domain).

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Thank you so much, it worked!

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