Can’t connect to RDP via private network over WARP

Hi, I have installed cloudflared tunnel and configured Zero Trust access Tunnel private network.

cloudflared.exe runs on Windows machine and private IP is and same address is listed in Private Network section. Tunnel is connected and log from Windows machine display no issues.

When I install WARP on iOS device, authenticate to my team and enable Zero Trust access WARP on iOS that configures VPN profile I’m not able to connect to the via RDP.

RDP works as expected on private network but not via WARP from external network. I checked debug log and I can’t see anything related to my WARP session from iOS device.

Am I missing something? My goal is to use mobile device to connect to the RDP of the Windows machine so I don’t need to expose any ports or setup VPN server for this and cloudflared/WARP looks like solution.

Thanks for help.

I identified issue - my network was listed in split tunneled list. I removed and it started to work.

Are you still having this problem?

I only asked because I believe there is a problem with the Cloudflare application after the last update :frowning:

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