Can’t complete nameserver setup (dns)

Hi. At the moment I can’t complete setup. I already added cloud flare nameservers and removed my registrator ( name servers . After that 24 hours have passed, but I can’t complete setup:( What I need to do? Nslookup shows new cloudfare nameservers, dns checker show this. My domain is says you haven’t updated the WHOIS records for your domain to point to the new name servers.

And how update Whois record? I have no idea about it:(

The place where you bought your domain has to fix it. Or tell you how.

Maybe you can tell? I bought it in bar tech and showed on picture, that I already changed name servers.

Nope. You haven’t fixed it. You can NOT do this through DNS. Please follow instructions.

Which instructions, i need to follow? Cloudfare? I bought domain and hosting plan in garmtech, so i will try to communicate with My hoster help center. Thanks for help

WHOIS shows that DNSSEC is enabled. It needs to be disabled in order to change name servers.

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Thanks a lot!

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