Can’t add both TXT and CNAME at the same time for “Custom Hostnames” part 2

This is a follow-up to the same issue described in another thread by the same title.

The issue not fully addressed by the answer is the downtime. If we presume the existing site has a CNAME pointing to a webserver, and it is CURRENTLY receiving production traffic, then deleting it to add in the required TXT value IS downtime. No users can look up the server in DNS while it’s a TXT value.

Then after the cert is issued, the user has to delete the TXT value and add in a CNAME to point to the Cloudflare fallback domain. The site is essentially down until this all is completed.

It seems like the validation step should require an entry with a different key, not the EXACT SAME key as domain name. That way they could coexist.

Email validation won’t work because many sites have privacy protection so there are no emails in the WHOIS record.
HTTP validation won’t work because sometimes we’ll need a wildcard certificate and that seems to longer be supported.

How best to validate with TXT record and no downtime?

Thanks in advance.

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