Can’t add a domain: in the ".рф" zone

Hello! I can not add the site. Zone of the “.рф”. Error: “Please enter a valid domain.” Added such domains before. Now a mistake. What can be done about this?


It would seem as if there is an issue with IDNs right now. I suggest you open a support ticket.


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Did you open a support ticket?

no. How can i do this?

Generally, however given that you cant add the domain it is better to open it via email via their [email protected] address.

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Does the “.рф” zone you are trying to add @sypermc have valid name servers? Can you share it here? And, when you have a ticket number, please do share it here so we can track. Sorry for the issues.

As far as I can tell Cloudflare generally has a problem at the moment when adding an IDN. Any domain that is not US ASCII only seems to return that error and that error does not seem to be DNS related but rather some string check in the UI. At least six hours ago when I checked :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I did see that the other day and opened a ticket, added this instance to it. @sypermc, let me know your ticket when you have it and I’ll add that detail.


Thank you, I see the ticket and the auto reply, can you reply back to that and let them know the text of the error you’re seeing, “Please enter a valid domain”.

I am seeing a nxdomain error and am unable to find valid name servers for that domain. Is this a newly registered domain? And, I cannot find verification of issues across the board with idn’s, but there does seem to be issues so I’d not rule that out.

(I don’t think there are any tips in this link that will help in this situation, but other nxdomain ideas here fwiw, Community Tip - Fixing the DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN error)

It currently already points to Cloudflare. @sypermc, you cant do that until the domain is actually on Cloudflare.

However, @cloonan, the UI still seems to have issues with IDNs


Having said that, @sypermc, you could try to enter the ASCII representation of your domain


That should actually work, though it would seem as if there were still some glitches with some API calls, as the dashboard will still throw some errors -> @cloonan


For the record

$ dig xn--90asken.xn--p1ai NS

;xn--90asken.xn--p1ai.		IN	NS

XN--90ASKEN.xn--p1ai.	345600	IN	NS
XN--90ASKEN.xn--p1ai.	345600	IN	NS
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@sypermc, can you reply back to the email reply you received and let them know the text of the error you’re seeing, “Please enter a valid domain”?


Получилось! Спасибо!

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