Can System Admin intercept requests that are through in/out of Cloudflare Tunnel?

There are applications at work which is only accessible through office network. Even though VPN is provided but it is terribly slow at times. I am thinking to put Cloudflare Tunnel at my workstation and access it through Cloudflare proxy. I am not sure if this is allowed by the Company guideline.

My question is: Will my system administrator will be able to understand by intercepting that there’s a tunnel and outside traffic is proxied through in/out of the internal system?

The network administrator of the office network would be able to see that you are using Cloudflare Tunnels (or have cloudflared installed on a device), yes.

If they currently would be able to, that’s an impossible question without knowing if and how they manage their network and device fleet - but it’d be very easy to do.

I would hope that you will have to contact them in advance to get the tunnel to work at all as the outbound traffic should be blocked.

If they allow the traffic by default, they will still figure out pretty quickly what is happening. They will see traffic outbound to port 7844. 5 seconds on Duck Duck Go and they will know what the traffic is.

Asking somebody inside the company might be a good first step.

The real question is: Is it a good idea to install an unauthorised Remote Access Trojan in a Corporate network?

I hope the answer is obvious.


If they do detect it, you can be sure that when you are terminated it will be for cause.


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