Can someone tell me how to get EPP code and unlock my domain to transfer?

I registered my domain here 2 weeks ago. Can NOT get anything working. DNS is not set up properly, domain doesn’t resolve, and more.

So I am transferring my domain to GoDaddy. However, I need Cloudflare to unlock the domain and give the authorization code (EPP). How and where I can get those?

Support is NOT supportive at all. All I get is automated response… no follow ups. I’ve called Cloudflare at least 6 times. No help whatsoever!!!

Please help so I can get out of this insane loop!!!


You probably won’t be able to transfer out if it has only been 2 weeks.

You follow the instructions on the doc I linked above, but again, this probably won’t work as it has not been 60 days.

Support is only available for account, billing and registrar queries if you are on a free plan, if you have a paid plan then you can also access technical support.

Phone support is only available on Enterprise so you will only get through to Sales otherwise.

If you would like help with this then please open a topic in the DNS & Network category and post as much information as possible including the domain name.

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Wait for 2 months without a website??? Is that a series solution? I need my domain to start working asap. What do I need to get this out?
What a bad mistake it was to purchase the domain through Cloudflare!!!

This is not Cloudflare specific.

ICANN (the global domain name regulation group) mandates 60 days after registering a domain to “lock” it. Cloudflare is not deciding to implement this themselves, they are literally required to.


ok, but that is regulated as mentioned in this thread. And, it won’t help you to get your site operational. We can help with that.

First, what is the domain?

Next, you mentioned the dns records are wrong. They are not wrong, simply missing. Do you see an nxdomain error? You should add a couple of dns records. If you click the nxdomain link and go to the #CommunityTip you’ll see this If does not resolve, that may indicate there is no A record for the naked domain. Go to your DNS tab and create an A record with “@” as name and your origin IP address as the value.

Your hosting provider can give you the value of the A record, it’s the IP address of your origin server. Good Tutorials on this site on how to add DNS records.

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