Can someone please explain this

Hi, sorry if this sounds like a stupid question. I am trying to understand cloudflare and my hosting package. I am trying to understand the point of me paying £70 for a hosting package when i am using cloudflare. My url is now pointing to cloudflare instead of my hosting package as per cloudflare instructions.

So, i am trying to understand what my hosting package is now providing and what i am paying for when everything points to cloudflare.

sorry for the stupid question but i am not very technical

Cloudflare acts as a proxy (intermediary) between your origin server (the server your hosting provider assigned to you) and your website visitors. That’s why you changed your DNS to point to Cloudflare nameservers, so that when visitors click on a link to your website they are sent to Cloudflare servers. Cloudflare will then fetch the content from your origin server, and place it temporarily in cache so that next visitors get a faster experience.

If your stop paying your hosting provider, Cloudflare won’t be able to find your content to pass on to your website visitors.

Having said that, one of the advantages of having Cloudflare as a proxy, beyond the security and optimization features it offers, is that you may perhaps go by with a cheaper hosting plan, as adding Cloudflare means the origin server will be less requested, saving your server bandwidth, CPU utilization etc.

Thank you so much for that. That explains everything. I think i will also look at reducing my hosting cost. One thing i have noticed since changing my nameserves, is my email no longer works so i will need to look into that. thank you very much for the explanation

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hi, i have a fairly big site and i have been told i am paying far too much for my hosting, especially as it has a low server responce rate, and there technical support is terrible. i am spending more time chasing them than working on my site. so, i am trying to find the best hosting package to work with cloudflare. i am looking at a managed package.

I am currently paying over £50 a month, and just wondering if i should be paying so much if i have the pro version of cloudflare.

any advice would be great.

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Cloudflare ≠ Hosting. Its your own decision where you stend money and how much.

To judge I would need facts and numbers not words. Actually you anyway seem to be very unhappy with your hoster. then please change it.

Also: £50 for managed hosting. Just thing about the hourly price of an professional IT person, its clearly above £50/hour. So if you pay this once a month please do not expect them to give you support outside of what you bought. We dont even know what package, what hoster, what conditions what server you have bought.

There is clearly NO best hoster for CloudFlare. CloudFlare in first place does have nothing to do with your hoster then pointing your domains to the IPs of your Server.

You do have 1113 pages on your site. Which is ok. I would rather thing about a good static Caching toll which can preload/warmup the cache.

I also called a static file from your server and tested it with CloudFlare and without CloudFlare, both TTFBs have been around 50ms.
I can not give you any advice here.

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what i expect is what i pay for. and that is for a hosting company to keep my site online, and to answer me quickly when it goes offline. the company promised so much and provide so little.

i currently use wp rocket for my cache