Can someone here help me to set up my mail account in order to open a ticket for a technical support?

Can anyone here help me to setup my mail account in order to receive a technical support?

Your question is not very clear I am afraid. The forum here is only intended for Cloudflare specific topics, under which email won’t fall I am afraid. Also, technical support will only be handled on the email address for which your account is already active anyhow and free accounts generally do not receive support from Cloudflare.

So if you have a Cloudflare-specific question, please open a posting in the appropriate forum, for anything email related, please reach out to your mail host.

Hi Sandro ,
Thanks for ur response , i really appreciate it.
Well I’m new here and i need a technical support.
I wrote to the Cloudflare support mail address . They asked me to open a ticket or plan for my case . This os what led me onto the community page to see if i can get any support from the members here .
Hope u can be of a great help .

Which plan are you on and do you have an issue with Cloudflare?

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I dont have any issue with Cloudflare at all.
Currently i dont have any plan . This is why i need help to first , active my email address.
Secondly, to get a plan or open a ticket.

I understand but I am afraid neither Cloudflare nor the community can help you here. If you have questions about setting up a mail server, please refer to forums like StackExchange or Reddit. Otherwise maybe use one of the many free webmail offers.

Select one when you add your domain.

Follow the link in the email sent to you when you signed up.

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