Can someone help me understand what a NuMon user agent is?

This IP address has been hitting me nonstop for the last 7 days and is still going. I cant get rid of it no matter what I do. I did a trace route and I contacted Linode in regards to this, and they told me its orginating from San Francisco server en route to Kiev Ukraine. Anyways the user agent says Numon as you can see here. What can I do to stop this IP completely?

User Agent

NuMON Agent/1.1

Ray ID



June 14, 2019 12:47:09 (-04:00)

Data Center

Kiev, Ukraine (KBP)

What did you try? This case should be fairly simple. Block by IP or user agent.

It is blocked but the requests are non stop. Its all I see all day long when I check my firewall events on my Cloudflare, that one and a phony Googlebot coming from

It is just Nonstop 24/7 with these 2 IPs.

And I cant for the life of me fins any information on NuMon Agent 1.1 anywhere I have searched

Where did you block it? At

Can you post a screenshot of your block and of the firewall events?

Yes I blocked it in my dashboard

Well, that would seem as if it gets blocked successfully.

Or is your question how to stop the blocks from showing up? That would not be possible.

I was curious of that user agent as well. I am trying to write CSP on Cloudflare workers but dont seem to know the proper code needed. I am fairly new to all this stuff

For the user agent I’d consult the search engine of your choice :slight_smile:

Actually I have done that repeatedly, there is nothing in regards to that agent, that is why I came here. Thanks for your time though I do appreciate it Sandro

Not impossible, but it is unlikely somebody here will be able to give you an answer (soon). I’d classify that as just yet another bot.

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