Can someone help me to understand something

So, this one ip address has been accessing 1 of my pages every 2 minutes for over 24 hours. I have a live chat so I see his IP (or supposid IP) as opposed to the cloudflare ip. I took to blocking it in my htaccess along with his domain/isp that didn’t work, I went to my host and they blocked the ip in their firewall on the server side. Didn’t work, so I blocked both in cloudflare, still not blocking them. They are being referred by so I even blocked that. Yet every 2 minutes, there they are.
I mean I dont’ understand their purpose (I mean maybe to kill my yahoo serps - but other than that what’s the point of doing this) and why can’t I figure out how to block them. Is there any way to find out where / who they truly are ip or domain wise so I can really block them. And also other than killing my serps is there any other reason to do something like this?
This is driving me nuts that there seems to be no way to stop this.
I’m new to all this firewall stuff so if anyone is willing to explain I’d really appreciate it.

That sure sounds like they’re going directly to the origin and bypassing cloudflare. Can you share the offending IP? And/or, you can find out details about it here,

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