Can someone help me caching?

I’ve already posted this in another topic but I feel I would need a new one since it isn’t for my issue here.

Someone know what happens when we reach the maximum data cache? Because I faced White Screen WordPress problem and I’m touching things to know what happens. Also, I really don’t know why my data is almost full because I already set both browser cache and cache everything (in page rules) to 2h. Shouldn’t it be purged automatically?


What is telling your that your data is almost full?

Nothing happens here when you reach maximum data cache here. There are some sites with a massive amount of data on Cloudflare that retain their cache for quite a long time.

If there were some sort of limit on how much data you could cache here, they would purge the lowest priority data and continue serving your site.

Shouldn’t be purged automatically 2 in 2 hours?

If your website is setting higher cache expiration times, Cloudflare will honor those longer expirations.

But this doesn’t have anything to do with a Cloudflare cache filling up.

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