Can Someone Help? DNS not set up correctly

I updated nameservers from Godaddy to Cloudflare, and I don’t no what the MX records would be, along with a root record. Previously was able to reach site…Not any more. Contacted Support and they flashed support ticket as resolved. Thank you

GoDaddy should be able to assist with this, as they are most likely your mail host.

What’s the domain?

That domain is not using Cloudflare.

I had it reset this morning to Godaddy original DNS records, so I could switch them back…Since I didn’t know during what step things went bad. So the DNS are currently back to Cloudflare…

Are still having an issue with this setup @jakehambright74?

No I found someone on Fiverr that could correct my problem…Thank you for asking. Ill remove my post.

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