Can someone help checking to see if this is ok?


I am trying to improve my email delivery as I notice that some (few) emails are bouncing back.

I use a company that sends out emails for me using my domain and is working fine, however when I setup my email account on the website they provide, it wont accept my SSl configuration for SMTP port: 465 and only for without SSL port: 587.

I send around 300 emails a month for billing and I know 5 emails are working, but for some reason when I use this service they bounce back.

Anyhow, I am pasting here the screenshot with IP greyed out of my DNS configuration.

Can someone help me understanding if this is correct:

Number 1 and 2 seem the same with the same IP but one is proxied. Is this correct?

Number 3 says is webmail, however its a CNAME and not A record for mail, is this also correct?

My MX record is correct, so I wanted only to check with everyone here if the rest is ok or can I delete or do something to improve my email configuration and delivery.

Thank you

Hi @dannygrio1234,

Your DNS records look OK. Your main website is proxied through Cloudflare, but your mail is not. That is correct, Cloudflare does not proxy mail and the record needs to stay :grey:. As for webmail, although it is mail related, it is usually for a web interface and not actually handling the emails, so proxy is fine. It does not matter that it is a CNAME, it just means it points to the same place as your main website.

As long as all your mail services are connecting via the :grey: mail hostname, Cloudflare should not be involved and any issues are coming from your server.

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