Can somebody explain these features in detals?

I am just wondering, what do they mean?

The only thing I understand is:

  1. 24x7x365 chat support
  2. Use my own SSL
  3. Role-based admins



Support will be available 24 hours of a day 365 days in a year Simply anytime anyday

Here’s an Article about that

You can use your own SSL if you purchase business plan

Feel free to ask If Any more Questions left

This webpage might give you a clearer understanding:


  1. Prioritized IP Ranges: Enterprise customers get better traffic routing, it’s less likely for Enterprise customers to face routing issues compared to Business, Pro and Free.
  2. Named solutions engineer support: A dedicated solutions engineer from Cloudflare will be able to support you throughout your Enterprise subscription, usually comes with better response time and personalized recommendations compared to typical Cloudflare Support.
  3. 25x reimbursement uptime SLA: in case of network or system failure within Cloudflare itself, they will compensate you 25x compared to what Business plan guarantees.
  4. CNAME set-up compatibility: allows you to use Cloudflare without the need to switch nameservers - just use your existing nameservers and point the CNAME to Cloudflare for individual DNS record.
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