Can somebody explain if this okay

Screenshot_2021-03-07 F-Secure Router Checker — Is your Internet connection safe (1)

this is result when I use DNS or try to go website. thank you

The response is related to your anti-virus software kaspersky, not Cloudflare itself.
Does it says anything else when you click “Show details”?

Kaspersky obviously scans each request which is sent and received over HTTP/HTTPS and has detected an experied SSL certificate or some other misleading request to this Website and has detected it as a treating one so it warns you about it.

The error saying “one or more of the website’s certificate are invalid” would mean one or more things like:

  • The certificate has been revoked. The website owner can request revocation if the site was hacked.
  • The certificate was issued illegally. The certificate must be issued by a certification authority after the check.
  • The certificate chain is broken. The certificates are checked in a chain from the self-signed certificate to the trusted root certificate issued by the certification authority. The certificates in between are used for verification of other certificates in a chain.
  • Possible causes of the broken certificates chain:
  • The chain consists of one self-signed certificate. Such certificates are not verified by the certification authority and cannot be trustworthy.
  • The chain does not end with a trusted root certificate.
  • The chain contains certificates which are not meant to sign other certificates.
  • The root or intermediate certificate has expired or its time has not come yet. The certification authority issues a certificate for a limited period of time.
  • The chain cannot be built.
  • The domain specified in the certificate does not match the website to which the connection is established.
  • The certificate is not meant to confirm the node authenticity. For example, the certificate is intended only for encrypting the connection between the user and the website.
  • Usage policy violation. The policy of the certificate is a set of rules which defines the use of the certificate with the specific security requirements. Each certificate must correspond to at least one policy. If there are several policies, the certificate must correspond to all of them.
  • Certificate structure is broken.
  • An error has occurred when checking the certificate signature.
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thank you, sorry i have low knowledge on what you said but as conclusion the cloudflare DNS is still safe?. :slight_smile:

I truly believe it is for now and on, more and better than others :wink:

Using the F-Secure router checker got me the same result as you:

You can check recent issues, if any at

Thank you, last question sorry, I use, while check about this DNS someone said about important DoH or DoT for safety. So the result from my picture is it normal.

Currently working fine:

As far as I understand it from the screenshot, yes it is. You do not use DoH neither DoT (in your Web browser) or WARP application, so just and (or the IPv6 addresses as seen from the provided screenshot).

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You can check for that one here:

If interested to setup at your Web browser, check the steps here:

Moreover, you can test the needed here: