Can somebody confirm that is owned by cloudflare?


I’m writing an article concerning

When I perform a whois, I see the URL is a Cloudflare-owned address.

Can I get a confirmation that this is true?


It’s no more Cloudflare-owned than your own domain.

I phrased that wrong, what I mean is:
Is cutestat (owned by apnic?) using cloudflare’s service? Sorry for the wrong words used.
oops, did it again…IS CUTESTAT UTILIZING CLOUDFLARE’S SERVICE or is this a spoof?
(whew) hope that is the right way to ask.
No wait, forget about the word “owned” I don’t care who owns them, I simply mean to ask is it true that the entity is using cloudflare to propagate?
Sorry, I don’t say things right the first time (I’m working on that)

It looks like they are using Cloudflare DNS, but not their CDN services.

% dig +short ns

Thanks for the clarification Michael.

Looking at the website itself, looks like they use an asset subdomain that is using Cloudflare CDN,

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Thanks, I’ll read up to familiarize myself with CDN later (I’m a turtle at writing…it requires a zillion edits as you may have noticed). Thanks again.

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