Can single TLD cover devices in multiple LANs

Hi there,

Newbie to CF tunnels here…

  1. Can we have a single TLD for subdomains that can each access servers in different LANs?

I guess that depends upon the definition of whether a tunnel, aka, uuid/cfargotunnel/com (can’t use links in post), corresponds to a single TLD.
Or whether a subdomain too can point to a tunnel, in which case what does the TLD point to?

Of course there can be multiple connectors, each pointing to a single server/device, in each tunnel.

  1. Confused about “user” and “network locations” in Free v Standard Plan ($7/user/month.)

Is User a member of the registered Cloudflare Team?
Is “network location” a single device/server, or a LAN with many devices/servers aka connector IDs ?

I’m a bit confused as to what you’re referring to - TLD means .com,, etc

The link will only route traffic for the zone it was created with.


It’s for the Gateway locations for clientless DNS filtering.

Thanks for the response. Since I am confused…

  1. TLD is like www.mytunnel. com. So can I register just one domain and then I can manage multiple devices in different LANs (e.g. home devices, behind NAT) ?

  2. How does a Zone correspond to a TLD ?
    Don’t we need to point a TLD to uuid /cfargotunnel/ com, meaning that one TLD corresponds to one tunnel?
    Or can one TLD create many tunnels, say one tunnel per device?

  3. I still don’t understand “network location” vs home devices behind NAT (aka single LAN.)

  1. So to look another way:

A. Can one TLD correspond to multiple tunnel UUIDs? How would you register this in CNAME?

B. Or, can multiple devices in different LANs use the same tunnel UUID? Here we are using a single TLD mapped in CNAME to a single tunnel UUID.

If yes, how would you assign TLD subdomains to each these devices (origin servers) or device applications in GUI?

Did you find an answer for that?

No !

I am looking into boringproxy which according to Cloudflare was the OG for CF tunnels… no traffic type restrictions, udp only though.

Or look at portmap .io. Real cheap at $3.99/month for 100 links and works with OpenVPN, both udp and TCP!

Correction: boringproxy is TCP only! But free.

Portmap has a nice GUI too. You can optimize speed and other features by googling for .ovpn config file parameters. Paid plans allow custom domain mapping.

Another correction :slightly_smiling_face:

Cloudflare tunnels are actually based on their own implementation of Wireguard in user space, written in Rust.

The names are just too similar…