Can send Email but can't recieve

I am using cloudflare ns, i contacted my server provider and thy said to contact cloudflare to resolve this issue. Actually i created an email account in my cwp panel and tried to send email it working fine. But when i send an email from my gmail ir to my domain mail id it won’t work. I can send emails but can’t recieve them.

Make sure you have MX records set up in Cloudflare’s DNS. You might need to copy them from cpanel, or your host might have its own page for what MX records you need.

Its already set.

Since those MX records are there your mail server should be receiving mail, or at least, it’s no longer something with your Cloudflare configuration. If you still have issues, look through your log files and try to get cpanel-specific support.

Dont know the issue but here is my dns settings. and when i checked it on it says i have 2 DKIM signatures. can you tell me where i made mistake?

Anybody here? Who can solve my issue?

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