Can send email but can’t receive email

Hello all. I recently transferred my domain registration to Cloudflare (the site is hosted with siteground). I believe I have updated everything that needs to be updated (the website is operating and I can send an email).

BUT I cannot receive email. I have tried searching the community. I have tried googling it and I have tried self diagnosis. What am I missing!

Thanks in advance

Make sure that any DNS records relating to email (such as mail, imap, smtp, pop, etc) are set to DNS only.

Otherwise, what is your domain name?

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Thanks. That seems to work. Do I need both the mail and the Mx record?

Yes, an MX record is needed to tell mail servers where to deliver the mail for your domain.


Now emails are saying they are doing rejected by the server.


floodzero dot com

The DNS records look ok to me on Cloudflare…

The IP address for answers for email from Siteground, and your domain’s incoming mail setup seems to match up with the SPF record through a spam protection front end to Siteground.

You may need to check with your mail provider that you have the correct settings in place, but the Cloudflare end seems ok to me. Someone else may spot something.

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