Can route to subdomain but not root domain


I’m fairly new to this, so I hope I explain myself well here!
I’m having some issues with my tunnel this morning. It seemed to be working fine last night, so I’m not sure whats changed.

The tunnel is working fine on the applications which have subdomains, but not the application which is at the root domain.

Can anyone see what has gone wrong please?


Returning error 502. Can you check the SSL certificate on your origin hasn’t expired? (I am getting this too for some of the subdomains, is this site public or just for you?)

Hi @sjr

Thanks for your response.

I dont see error 502 when I go to the address, i see:

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 13.15.45

I’ve checked that certificate hasnt expired on cloudflare and its showing that the cert is valid until 2038.

The site is a public site.

Any other advice you have would be greatly appreciated!



Really strange, but its just started working again. I havent changed any settings or touched the host at all.
Possibly caused by some sort of outage at Cloudflare?

Thanks for your help anyway!

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