Can requests to workers get rate limited?


We’re using Cloudflare workers for a certain subdomain. Recently, when doing a load test, I noticed that the requests were being rate limited.

The load test is running in our own infrastructure, so I created a bypass rule using the list of IPs from which the load test requests are coming from.
I still get rate limited.

Removing the route/subdomain from the worker, I’m able to perform the load test.
A ticket was opened for this but I also wanted to know if someone else out there had the same issue.

In the end my question is. Do bypass rules apply to workers ?
From all blocked requests, the rule ID is worker. Is that somehow related or just a coincidence ?


Yes, Workers have their own rate limiting - on free it’s a general burst rate and on paid it defends against a small amount of IPs sending too many requests.

Thanks for your quick reply. That’s was helpful.

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