Can Pro Plan on Cloudflare help me vs dDos attacks?

Hi Guys,
i’ve tree sites on Cloudflare, this websites are continuously bombarded by dDos attacks, currently I am proceeding by blocking the countries of origin of the attacks, but obviously the attack comes first then the blockade, I was wondering if the pro plan can seriously help me on this aspect, I have read about the services offered by the PRO , but I wanted to have a more practical opinion to better protect myself from these attacks.
Thanks so much

Automated mitigation? Not at all.
Better understanding and manual deployment of new DDoS mitigation rules? Definitely.

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Automated it’s Configure DDoS L7 ruleset?
Can you get me more infos on DDoS mitigation rules? I block country (statically) on Firewall section, but can i sett Cloudflare to apply a block/challenge to country when traffic it’s considered a dDos attach?

I believe that I suggested something similar in the past, allow the users to enable certain firewall rules if certain conditions are met (many rps, DDoS detected, etc). However, it didn’t receive that much attention.

You can do this with some system administrator and development work, however, I doubt that anybody in the community has something this specific prepared.


Hi jnperamo, in yours past posts non lo vedo, and however i cannot look this approach solution, but thanks for yours opinion

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