Can Polish work with S3 hosted Images?

Just looking for confirmation on weither the Polish Optimization service can work with S3 images once you have added the CNAME record to alias the bucket through a subdomain in Cloudflare.

I have set up a CNAME and when accessing an image I see the server header coming through as Cloudflare but no Cf-Polished header is present.


If the request goes through Cloudflare you can use Polish. Cany you post a sample link?


Here is an image directly fom S3:

And here it is going through Cloudflare:

Seems to be working great from my end.


Excellent, I can now see the cp-polished header and reduced file size as well.

Not sure why I was not seeing them initially, I did clear the cache before testing yesterday.

Thanks for the responses.

Instead of always clearing your browsers cache, just go in to all the browsers Dev Tools (F12) and select the option, Disable Cache when using Dev Tools. :slight_smile:

Thanks Withheld, I have checked the Disable Cache when using Dev Tools options now.

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