Can 'Page Rules' override 'Always Use HTTPS'?

Can a Page Rule override the always https setting? The reason I ask is that for our domain we always want https for all but one path.

The path http://<ourdomain>/.wellknown/* needs to remain as http, all other paths for our domain need to be redirected to https if not already that way.

I started by setting “Always Use HTTPS” to On and created a page rule for /.wellknown/ to not use TLS [I thought] (SSL: off, Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: off). Things still redirected to https. I assume this is because the “Always Use HTTPS” setting is just that and it will ALWAYS be applied first, prior to any page rules.

So I guess my question is how do I achieve the http -> https redirect for everything except http:///.wellknown/*?

The “Always Use HTTPS” help reads, URL. If you only want to redirect for a subset of requests, consider creating an “Always use HTTPS” page rule. Which makes sense though I was unable to find information in documentation on Always use HTTPS page rule.

I believe Always Use HTTPS comes first, which is why some hosts suggest that you turn this off for their SSL Certificate process to work.

You’d need to create two page rules in order:

  1. Your Match .wellknown from above, and set SSL to Off (or Always Use HTTPS). Doesn’t really matter.
  2. Match* and add “Always Use HTTPS”

Cert process will trigger rule #1 without HTTPS. All other HTTP requests will trigger Rule #2.

Thank you, that makes sense. I wish redirect-type rules allowed more than one setting.

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