Can only use SiteGround's POP3 server off-SSL, want SSL

Hey everyone,

My final step in being fully set up in Cloudflare is being able to connect to my SiteGround account’s POP3 server through SSL. It was working before the switch, so it’s just correcting what needs to be corrected.

I followed this tutorial which appears to have the solution I need but it doesn’t appear to be working for me.

This is how my records look like:

Over at Siteground, my records look like this (again, just following the tutorial):

But here’s where it gets strange. I am able to connect to the non-SSL version just fine, but not the SSL version.

It’s okay with off SSL but if I try it with SSL, it won’t work (SSL error), but then if I try with SSL, I get a connection timed out. I’m sure this is likely an extremely easy fix but I’m fairly new to this and probably exhausted all the articles/information I could find on Google.

How do I get SSL POP3 to work? And which domain do I use? or

Any help would be appreciated, and thank you in advance!

(I’m not using Cloudflare through SiteGround’s host partner program, but completely independently.) points to, which is now a Cloudflare server. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email, so your DNS entry for should point to the actual IP address of your server and still be set to :grey:.

Hey @sdayman,

Thanks for responding.

I’ve added two DNS entries (not sure which one was needed) for as suggested but am still unable to authenticate. I’m also still a little unclear which domain I should use for my POP server, or, since SiteGround is saying to use but from your comment, it appears I should be using

In any case, any additional further information you could provide would be highly appreciated as the errors I am getting are too generic to get relevant answers from Google. I’d love to slip you $5 via venmo/paypal for your troubles if I manage to get it to work thanks to you.

That DNS entry isn’t showing up during a lookup. Maybe because you changed your MX record. The MX record should still be for That way, mail for [email protected] gets routed to the proper mx record.

Okay so I removed the MX record for and below are the current records.

I confirmed the DNS entry for via this tool.

Is there any other possible place my setup could be incorrect? Anything I can tweak over at SiteGround? Are my MX records over there correct or do they need to just read “” instead of what is has now (, etc…)?

As always, thanks for replying.

I can now confirm that is running mail services (POP and SMTP).

As I think about it, I wouldn’t expect SSL to work. The mail host’s real name is not Or This would cause SSL to fail due to a certificate mismatch.

One option is to configure your mail app to connect to for incoming and outgoing mail. I’m hoping it supports SSL with a matching SSL certificate.

If that doesn’t work, contact Siteground support and ask them what server and SSL settings you should be using.

So I finally got it to work. Pretty much as you called it, I was accidentally using my name server instead of my server hostname.

The difference is not so clear for somebody completely new to this:

I got it to work but I’m not using “”, but instead “”. I’m not sure I care enough to try to get it to work using “” although it does feel cooler. If there’s a way to make “” work exactly as “”, that’d be nice, but if not, I can consider this issue resolved.

(If you actually want the $5 via venmo/paypal, feel free to PM me yours. Otherwise, thank you SO MUCH for your help @sdayman and I hope that future users who run into this confusion are helped by this thread.)

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