Can not verify - SSL Expired

Hi guys - looks like the SSL certificate expired 5 days ago. cant seem to get anything to work.
1 Ive deleted the entire account and re-added it. disabled Full to none for a while, nothing.

can you help? my site is


Looks OK to me…

Sounds like it may be a cached value somewhere on your end.

I can’t even even established an https connection right now.

Looks like a valid cert to me, but you are redirecting from HTTPS to HTTP. The current CloudFlare cert was issued about a day ago.

Looking at the certificate logs, it looks like you had some CPanel certs expire a few days ago (which lines up with your problem), so I suspect the issue is not with the CloudFlare certs. None of the CF issued certs have yet expired.

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Spot on. The certificate on the origin expired.

@carey1, make sure you renew your server certificate, you have your SSL mode set to “Full strict”, you remove that HTTPS->HTTP redirect, and you should be good to go.

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