Can not upload any file when proxy ON

I can’t upload any type of file in any site when proxy ON with any type of file, it just stop uploading with my client device network.
But it work once proxy is off.
Any setting I make mistake and any way to fix it?

Are you talking about WARP on your device, or is this a proxied website issue?

What’s the size of the file you’re trying to upload?

you need chunked file upload to pass files through Cloudflare, otherwise, requests with bodies over 100MB will fail.

This leads me to believe it’s a WARP app issue.

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It could also be that the upload endpoint is being challenged by Cloudflare, we need some further information to properly diagnose the error

Sorry for the incorrect problems category, I am talking about DNS and domain setting.
The file size is less then 100 MB, I have test for empty file 1kb 100kb 1MB… both are not uploading.
And how can I get those diagnose info?

Open dev tools of your browser and tab into the network section, we should be able to see further information there

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Which of the log should I be able to share?
I don’t think is a good idea to share all the debug info here.

Any suggestion to fix?

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