Can not set cname

I have attempted to set a c-name’s name to “@” so it became the main domain link and I immediately am unable to visit my site without getting the error “you have been redirected too many times”, I do get this error next to the c-name entry though: “Because CNAME records are not allowed at the zone
apex (FC 1034), CNAME flattening will be applied to this
record.” would anyone be able to help me fix this issue?

Are you doing it like this?

What are you setting the target to? Don’t set it to point to itself, obviously, or to a target that forwards back to itself. That would explain your infinite redirect.

I set the target to the cname target that the host tells me to

Even just adding Cloudflare in general makes jt to where i can no longer visit the site neither can anyone

Heres a picture of the other message it gives me

Don’t worry about that message.

What do you have your SSL/TLS mode set to? If it’s set to flexible you can easily create a redirect loop because you’re telling Cloudflare to connect to your origin via HTTP (even if it supports HTTPS); if your origin redirects HTTP to HTTPS then you have an infinite loop. Set to Full (Strict) in almost all cases.

Can you share the domain name?

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The message you are getting is informational and is not related to the problem you are having.

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to make your domain name point to your web host. If you can share the details it will help at lot.

Questions: What are you trying to accomplish? What is the domain name you are trying to deal with? What are you trying to point it to? What did your web host tell you to point your CNAME to?