Can not send email messages, to some specifics email addresses, although where i can receive from them

Hello, i have a problem with my email account. I can not sent email messages to some specifics email accounts, but i can receive from them. When i try to sent an email message to these accounts, returns me the following message: " Message blocked.
Your message to [email protected] has been blocked. See technical details below for more information." Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

That is something you need to clarify with your mail provider or the recipient’s provider. Your domain possibly lacks SPF, DKIM, etc. records.

Thank you for your answer. But any idea, how to find SPF in Cloudflare and how to fix it?
Thank you in advanced!

SPF records in Cloudflare are created just as with any other DNS control panel. I’d search the web for SPF configuration and similar keywords.

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