Can not run my site which has SSL ready

i have 2 domain: & (ready SSL set-up on my own server innitially)

I open CDN for it’s sub-domain which do not have https , they work OK. However when i open CDN for main domains and other subs with https, they do not work. Why? Can you explain how to set-up

Is that not the same issue you already addressed in Why open main domain on mobile and it is redirected to a subdomain?

Yes, it is other issue.
When i open CDN for,,, they’ve gonna be error. Can you help?

Hi @dung, has mixed content issues, the .com do not. What is the error you are asking about with these domains?

Hi cloonan,
When i open main domains or any subdomain which has ready SSL on my server, it does not work. Ex: I open CDN for then it dies.

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