Can not reset my Account


When I click this link I type my Email

I click Send. then open page reset code

But I cannot receiver my email while I open Inbox folder and Spam folder. Can you help me reset password for my account. Tks for support.


I do seem to be able to confirm this with a test account. You should probably open a support ticket (assuming you can’t get into your account, email [email protected]).

Edit: CF are now aware of the issue and are confirming and looking into it.

Edit 2: Is working for me now


Thank for support.
But can I extend my new ticket?


Not sure what you mean by this, however it should be working now.


Now, I cannot reset my password. My email isn’t have new email to cloudflare. Anything can help me?? Tks all so much.


Can you help me, plz. I cannot login and reset password :frowning:


That form is definitely working. I have just checked again.

Check that you have definitely entered the correct email address that you use to sign in.

Again, if you can’t for any other reason, you will need to email [email protected] from your account email address.


I sent an email to support @, but I haven’t received the reset pass link since yesterday

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