Can not register the domain

I’m trying move my existing site to the Cloudflare and when i try to add the site, it won’t get recognized and gives me the error is not a registered domain ( is the domain). I’ve gone through the existing supporting materials as well, but didn’t work. Is there anything that i’ve done wrong?
any feedback would be highly appropriated.

thanks in advance

Hi @user7803, you’re trying to add the zone to Cloudflare and I am seeing the same error when I attempt to add. I also see the domain as available for sale on and I see a site Did you recently register this domain name? We need to find a valid whois record in order to verify the zone when you add it to Cloudflare. I suspect the best route is to contact support and see if they can off another option to verify the zone, support AT Cloudflare DOT com. Please share your ticket number as I’d like to track progress. Sorry for the difficulty.

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Thank you for the response @cloonan. It has been more than three years since the domain is registered. will make an inquiry asap. thanks again!

hi @cloonan here is the support request id for the inquiry i made 1734840 . and the previously mentioned hosting site is a spam site as it seems.

Got it, looks like you need to get in contact with your domain registrar and set working name servers with them or your hosting provider for that domain in order to add the zone to Cloudflare.

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