Can not regenerate critical CSS with WP Rocket

Hello, quick question, hope somebody can help.

I have 2 sites, one on my main domain and one on my subdomain, with my main domain I can Regenerate critical CSS using WP Rocket without problem, but when I try to do it with my Subdomain it fails, the error says to Allow the IP address in Cloudflare and I have already done that.

My account with cloudflare is free.

Have you had this issue before? You know how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

May I ask is the sub-domain an A type or an CNAME type DNS record on DNS tab at Cloudflare dashboard?

  • also, is the hostname/DNS record for the sub-domain :orange: or :grey: cloud?

Regarding WP Rocket, kindly may I ask have you checked the steps from the below articles?:


It is A type and it is :orange:

I did what is recommended on those articles.

Did you find a solution as I am having the same problem?


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