Can not receive login code

Please anyone help i had waiting for a week for login code on my app i had registered for zero trust account, but i can receive Cloudflare email those emails are not on the spam.*

Hello! It looks like the emails are all delivered from our end and you should’ve gotten them without any issue.

Please make sure you allow all emails from [email protected] to prevent any issue

Hi, have had exactly the same problem and spent a lot of time with this issue.
Service seems to malfunction sometimes.

Solution: Deleted access and started configuration from the beginning, then using resend the email and the wonder happened - I got the email.

Agreed - the sending of emails for authentication is a frustrating process that is inconsistent at best. It does appear to work consistently for the WARP enrollment process which tells me it is connected to Zero Trust policy issues. I suspect the problem is a Cloudlfare internal error related to their policy processing mechanism. Creating simpler or less stringent Zero Trust policies appears to help but we shouldn’t need to do this to make it work. I have tested this as using a different authentication method with everything else the same works fine. There is also a problem with the Cloudflare Zero trust policy tester which regularly validates policies incorrectly.

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