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I have several website with cloudflare (free partial SSL). I find that It really hard to change any singel change in my website, especially when I change pictures, add new website blocks/ content, etc. I had pushed purge button again and again at cloudflare, but nothing happened. Event when I just change my hosting provider a week ago, the website is still the old one from the previous hosting.

I ever tried to put a comment block at the bottom of the page: Every time I open the page, at the beginning, the comment block appeared, but sooner (within seconds) it dissapeared again. After months of fail, then I tried to eliminate the comment block, to prevent the visitor to think that the comment block as a bug. But up till now, even when I change the hosting provider last week, the comment block is still there for a few seconds and then dissapear again.

I also can not upload MP3 at my new hosting provider (free plan hosting), meaning to say there should no more MP3 at the new hosting server, but still untill know the song is still there at the website: I actually want to change the song with other, from third party MP3 hosting provider, like soundcloud.


Cloudflare is not caching the info.html page.

One thing you can try is “Development Mode” from the Overview page. This will bypass Cloudflare caching as you make changes on your site.

I do see from the headers that you’re using LiteSpeed Cache. You may have to purge that cache as well.

I have found the “development mode” from “Overview Page”. But how about “LiteSpeed Chache”, is it the one from my previous hosting server (hostinger)?


I don’t know where this would come from. That’s a hosting and site configuration issue.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS page here? It would be nice if you could show the IP addresses, but it’s ok if you black them out for privacy.

Those are from Hostinger. I thought that was your previous host.

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