Can not login my email without vpn

can you help me
when we give me 2 nameserver from cloudflare and change the dns for my domain the website open normally in Sudan but the webmail not open without vpn
can you help me to resolve to login to webmail without vpn and i send screenshot when we try to login to webmail without vpn

“Not open” is not exactly a helpful description.
You need to explain what is not working.

If you refer to, that throws a generic host error which should be independent of any VPNs and is something you’d have to fix on your server side.

Hi Adil,

Accessing the website or webmail without VPN will not be possible due to the USA Embargo.

As a workaround, you can instead change and use Cloudflare and their CDN option. You can sign up with CloudFlare from their website

Once this is done they will provide you with 2 nameservers, you need to ask your domain provider to change the nameservers. Lastly, you will need to put our IP records for A record in your Cloudflare DNS zone.

Lastly, to access the webmail you will need to install a webmail client for your domain name so people would be able to access it with for instance. You can install this webmail client from your cPanel-> Softaculous tool.

This is the only alternative that can be provided,
this is the problem and when we create account in cloudflare the problem to login without vpn for webmail not resolved

I am not sure what you were just trying to say. Can you rephrase that and post screenshots?

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