Can not link payment method

I have been trying to link a creditcard or a paypal account to my fresh created Cloudflare account without success. tried support but not no answer from them at all.

Problem is i want to activate some feutures that require payment i cant do this because no payment method is linked however linking a payment method ends in a red banner bottom screen saying internal error 1000 and the payment method is not saved.

I have tried by now 3 different creditcards including my personal one. to be absolutely sure i tried doing an online purchache wit the card on another webstore (amazon) and i went in the real world did a card transaction (cofffee) cards work fine. so it is not the creditcards.

I tried also another computer and another browser, all ending the same error 1000 red banner and no payment method saved.

The Billing department is super-backed up right now.

Can you post the ticket # for your billing support request?

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This is [#1649362]

I found by looking at your source who the PSP is u use i find the following that is blocking.

your PSP does store CC info correct it required the creditcard fields a name and lastname country and zipcode. it validates zipcode that must be empty when country is Curacau (which is correct for this country since curacau has no zipcodes. However the form implemented on the Cloudflare page does not accept this field to be empty resuling me the user to be forced to put input in there which is than submitted to your psp which fails.

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