Can not get URL/Domain to forward to other websites. (Eg: having go to my linkedin)

I am trying to forward URLs/my domain to external websites.
For example, “test. emshort .net” goes to “google. com”. (Spaces added for Cloudflare rules)
When I wait and try accessing the URL I get the “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” error.

You need to have a dummy DNS record so that the request gets routed to Cloudflare. You should make an AAAA DNS record with a name of and a value of 100::

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You need to add some “dummy” records

A test proxied
AAAA test 100:: proxied

and create redirect under “Rules>Redirect rules”
Set rule name anything descriptive
If → custom filter expression → Field: Hostname - Operator: Equals → test. emshort. net
Then “or” if you want more such as www. emshort. net

Then URL redirect → static → URL to your linkedin with status 302 and