Can not disable email-decode script and delete origin cache

I find topic in comunity.
I deactivated email obfuscation and purged all cache. Unfortunately, the script is still showing up in the performance test.
Can not disable email-decode script - Performance - Cloudflare Community

via -sv /dev/null --connect-to :: | grep “email-decode”
I see that my system use email-decode.
I used 1 day Cloudflare for my domain after that i removed Cloudflare from my website. And now i think after that Cloudflare leave for me this code.
How I can manually delete this cache. I was trying sudo apt-get clean. I am using LSCache plugin also was trying Empty entire cache.
“If it appears in there, your origin has cached or scraped & saved the HTML from Cloudflare - you would need to remove that manually.”

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