Can not deploy a simple html file to cloudflare pages

I am trying to deploy a simple html file to Cloudflare pages but for some reason when i try to access it the browser gives me

We can’t connect to the server

The html file itself is simple hello world index.html:

<!DOCTYPE html>
     <h1>Hello World</h1>

and on Cloudflare options

Build command:
Build output directory: /

What’s the URL for your Are you seeing this error on the or a custom domain? Can you share the full build log?


19:12:16.369	Cloning repository...
19:12:17.468	From
19:12:17.469	 * branch            0db29b8b12a2f351fcebfb2de55ea5450692cc6e -> FETCH_HEAD
19:12:17.494	HEAD is now at 0db29b8 Update index.html
19:12:17.622	Success: Finished cloning repository files
19:12:18.094	No build command specified. Skipping build step.
19:12:18.094	Note: No functions dir at /functions found. Skipping.
19:12:18.095	Validating asset output directory
19:12:18.618	Deploying your site to Cloudflare's global network...
19:12:22.269	Success: Assets published!
19:12:23.399	Success: Your site was deployed!

Your site seems to load fine for me:

I see “Hello World”.

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It is working now no idea why

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