Can not delete project at Cloudflare pages r custom domain

I’m encountering an issue with Cloudflare Pages and need assistance from the community. I have successfully deployed my website at /windowfitters pages dev/ and have configured a custom domain, /windowfitters uk/, but unfortunately, it’s not functioning as expected. I attempted to set up a CNAME record manually, but the issue persists.

Now, I’m trying to delete the project to start over, but I’m encountering a roadblock. Cloudflare Pages is asking me to first remove all custom domains associated with the project. I have already deleted the CNAME entries, but I’m still unable to delete the project. It seems that the custom domain entries are not showing up in the custom domain panel, preventing me from adding or deleting custom domain windowfitters uk, saying is already added to the project, can not even delete whole project because again saying to remove first the custom domains associated with the project but nothing shows up under custom domain panel and DNS aree alo removed. I’ve been grappling with this issue for several days now, and I’m seeking your assistance. Please, can someone help me resolve this problem?
Tried to clear catch, also even romoved all DNS entries and still can not unlink project from the customom domain.

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“result”: null,
“success”: false,
“errors”: [
“code”: 8000000,
“message”: “An unknown error occured. Contact your account team or Cloudflare support:

I`m getting the above message when tring to delete the custom domain via API.
And since there is no free support basiclly my domain is usless now, can not use it :((

this has been sorted using a different format for command :slight_smile:
curl --request DELETE --url "'" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "X-Auth-Email: MYEMAIL" --header "X-Auth-Key: MYAPI"

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