Can not delete Cloudflare Pages (Error 8000028)

There is probably a bug in cloudflare in which I can neither add cloudflare pages project nor add a domain to it. It seems that the domain in deleted but not completely.

This is the error I get:

To delete your project, you must first delete all custom domains associated with your project. (Code: 8000028)

This is my custom domains settings:

This is overview for my Cloudflare Pages:

Clearly, my domain is deleted. But it is not deleted completely from cloudflare pages. I do not know how this is possible.

This is the error if I try to add the domain again.

I have escalated this issue.


Hi @pourmand1376,

Can you help me open a ticket from your dashboard for us to apply track this trouble.
Our Workers/Engineering Team is aware of this and they will be helping to perform a clean up.

Thank you.

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Hi, @oshariff.

My account is not on a paid plan. So, I can not open a technical ticket about Cloudflare Pages from my dashboard.


I’ve cleaned up the domain. You should be good to delete the project and re-use the domain now.

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Thanks a lot. The issue is now resolved.

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