Can not configure dns successfully with my server on Azsure VM

I recently transfer my domain to Cloudflare from godaddy, and everything works fine, but I disabled this site a few days ago and now try to enable it again.
What I have tried,
I add my IP address to DNS config at cloudflare but it does not work, it shows 522 code which seems like it can not connect to my origin server. And then I also add cloudflare nameservers to my azure dns zone, but it still does not work.

What I remember when I use Godaddy, I only need to change the name server on godaddy to my azure name server, then everything works fine.

Any help will be appreciated.

you can try visit my site at to take a look at the error. Thanks

For now, use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the overview page and see if you can get your site working again in DNS-Only mode.

Hi @sdayman , Thanks for the quick response. it does not work after I pause it.

That indicates that you either have the incorrect IP address for that hostname, or that the server just isn’t working. As it’s DNS-Only, you need to resolve this before you un-pause Cloudflare.

if I use the ip directly on my browser, it be can opened correctly.

So in the past, my domain was on godaday, I only need to add my name servers that azure provided into godaddy, all the A/CNAME configs about ip and domain mapping are only on the azure side, and everything works fine.

But on cloudflare, I am not able to change nameservers, but I need to add my ip and domain config/mapping at cloudflare, this makes me confused, this IP I think is protected by Azure, how can I directly config ip/domain on cloudflare?

Since my domain is now transferred to cloudflare, I think what cloudflare maybe need to read this ip-domain config/mapping from Azure, instead of directly config it on cloudflare.

Hi @thedaveCA
I find this is useful, How to Setup On Microsoft Azure

But for my case, my domain registar is Cloudflare which does not allow me to config name server.

It seems I can add customized name server on cloudflare, but I have to upgrade to business plan.

Dont know how to fix this issue, plan to transfer my domain back to GoDaddy.

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