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my website is down since i added my website to APO , AND NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS THAT

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Could you please post the domain in the domain dot tld format, so that we can help you solving this issue?

Have you opened a support ticket? If so, could you post here its number?


twentytwonews dot com
now i just removed the website from my account and once I did that the website came back to live again in just a sec. i think you really need to see what is the problem

no i can not find where i can add support ticket

The best method of requesting support is from the dashboard of your Cloudflare account.

If you are not on a Business subscription, you will typically get better response times from posting here on the Community.

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Dear amr,

You are receiving this email because you no longer need additional plan addons ons.

This is a confirmation that your subscription was cancelled on September 20 .

As a reminder this means you will no longer benefit from (1) the ability to optimize your configuration with fine-grained control from Cloudflare [Page Rules]rules/) and/or (2) the reduced time, effort and cost from Cloudflare’s fully managed [Dedicated SSL Certificates](

Learn about our cancellation and refund policy [here].

For additional assistance, refer to dash support for any questions about your subscription.

The Cloudflare Team

this is the email I just got from them

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