Can NOT add .online domain name to Cloudflare

I can NOT add my domain to Cloudflare, the error shows “ is not a registered domain”, but the domain name has been registered for almost 2 weeks.

It looks like you may have already switched the nameservers of this domain to Cloudflare’s before adding it to your account:

This will not work. You will need to use some other valid nameservers for your domain first, before then adding it to Cloudflare. Your registrar will likely have some that you can use temporarily.

See for more details.

Thanks for your reply. I have changed the nameservers and tried multi times. Still not working yet. still reports them as resolving to Cloudflare nameservers. Check back until you see it resolving to whatever you temporarily changed to, and you should then be able to add it to your Cloudflare account.

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