Can not add new domain

I have registered a new cc domain, and initially set my cloudflare NS. After registration, I am trying to add new site to cloudflare, and I’m getting: “… is not a registered domain”.

I am sorry to hear that.

Nevertheless, I believe cc TLD would be soon available to transfer to Cloudflare Registrar as far as it’s listed under the “TLDs Available soon” on link below:

Or, rather you are trying to add another .cc domain to your Cloudflare account and getting this error?

May I ask what is your domain name?

May I ask how long passed since domain name registration?

You’ve done this before you added your domain name to your Cloudflare account? I am afraid that would be incorrect.

May I ask where did you registered?

Hi fritex,

Thanks for your detailed response.

The domain is mk domains can be registered only by Macedonian citizens/companies. Previously, I have added .mk domain to cloudflare, and it works great.

At the registration process I can set up NS and I wanted to avoid NS changing, that’s why I set my cloudflare NS.

The domain is registered on 12th November 2021

As @fritex already noted, that’s highly risky. Someone who already has those two name servers can activate that domain on their account before you, then hijack your visitors.

You need functioning DNS before you add the domain to Cloudflare. If necessary, you can add it to so it’s visible to Cloudflare.

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