Can not add domain before removed the domain from Cloudflare

I removed the domain from Cloudflare, can I add the domain to Cloudflare again

after i try error appears This web property cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time.

how to fix ??? , or I need to wait how long

Would you share the domain here? n the error screen shot if possible?

Well… it looks to be the zone is locked here. Did you try liberating? I wouldn’t be able get further info without the domain name. However, you can try this if that’s correct:

When the error message includes directions to contact abusereply at cloudflare dot com, that is a clear indication that Cloudflare Trust & Safety will be the only ones able to resolve the issue.

2 Likes That makes sense!

I have contacted the abusereply at Cloudflare dot com, but didn’t find any answer

not helpful

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