Can not add a new website due to Zone Hold from previous owner

We just acquired a new domain name and trying to add it to our cloudflare account. When trying to add, it gives this error:

“The zone name provided is subject to a hold which disallows the creation of this zone. Please contact the domain owner to have this hold removed.”

We checked with the support team and their response was to contact the previous owner and ask them to remove the hold removed from their account. The problem is that this domain has changed ownership multiple times over the last 25 years and we have no idea who the owner might have been who was using it on Cloudflare. The owner we acquired it from did not have this setup on CF.

We haven’t received any further assistance from the ticket that was opened 5 days ago. Surely there must be a way for Cloudflare to verify domain ownership based on DNS/ TXT records so we can prove we are the new owners of the domain? Shouldn’t that allow Cloudflare to clear any previous holds or outdated settings from users who no longer own this domain name?

Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated!

What is your ticket number? I can if I can get it escalated.

Thank you so much! It is 3114631

I am in a similar situation. Can you advise if Cloudflare will inform us of who the owner is so we can contact them?


Hi @dmcloud

I have taken the ticket as we continue through the ticket.

Hi @licensing2

You will need to create a ticket so we can continue the process in the ticket. Let me know once you have created the ticket and give me the ticket number here.

@licensing2 were you able to create that ticket please?

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