Can not access wordpress dashboard

Hello, my domain is
My WordPress website was working fine when I used Cloudflare last time 5 days ago, but after i have reinstalled wordpress and again pointed DNS to Cloudflare for some reasons, my wordpress website not working at all.
also I can not access my wordpress website’s dashboard as admin.
I took the following steps but did not work
paused claudflare on site and cleared cache.

Please help me to resolve this issue.
Please see below error message

Resource not found Error 404

The requested resource could not be found but may be available again in the future.
Common issues:

  1. File or directory does not exist
  2. Missing .htaccess with correct rewrite rules

Thank you

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Similar to Error 522 Connection timed out host-domain

however, not exactly. Take a look:

Looks like you should contact your host about this. Your hosting account appears not to be responding over HTTPS, or may be suspended. They should be able to help you fix this.

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  1. Pause Cloudflare for a while
  2. Enable Cloudflare Plugin (Required)
  3. Switch to Flexible “SSL” mode.
  4. Enable Cloudflare back.

It should be resolved now.

Sorry, no offence @GulshanKumar, I just think the OP needs to know the implications of using Flexible and how the website isn’t actually secure.

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Thank you very much.


Not only the implications. Unless there are very particular circumstances, such a suggestion should never be made.

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